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Welcome. A little bit of my history. I was born in 1962 in Gloustershire and adopted at 18 months old. I grew up in London. My interest in art started in my school days and my enthusiasm is as great as ever. I have two diplomas, One from the Morris School of Journalism and the other from the London School of Art. Early on I worked mainly in cartooning and illustrations, I have had my work published in National newspapers both here and abroad and my illustrations have been published in books. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and techniques. I have a naturally creative mind and inspirations for my art comes from many different avenues, from stunning landscapes and rolling seas, to a moving piece of music. I love playing around with colour in my work from calming pastels to vivid sunset creations. Working mainly in acrylics I sometimes use an alternative media. I now live in Suffolk on the Cambridge, Essex borders, and I have enjoyed over 13 years of exhibiting my work. I feel a great sense of satisfaction and enjoyment meeting with visitors to my exhibitions and listening to their opinions of my work.

The Carla Bear stories all came about from a series of paintings that I did years ago for my own boys. I created Carla Bear, then had a play with words and made a few sketches along with a short story. The paintings developed but the stories went back in the box until this year when I decided to not only continue with the stories, but to get them published. Well five books later and Carla Bear is going from strength to strength.

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Both in my art and my photography I like to think outside the box. Both in Art and photograph it’s what you don't see that makes the picture.