Who am I to advise you, on how you can feel?

Hi I’m Jon Adkin. and to me I’m a lucky guy. Why. because in my 57 years of life I’ve constantly met with situations and circumstances that perhaps would have left some people bitter or angry. However I used these issues as learning curves, sometimes not even realising it. Read more below.

Let me condense my life in a few short paragraphs. Perhaps the diary of a nobody. In September 1962 I was born to an unmarried young girl who sadly had to give me up for adoption, and as hard as it was for my birth Mum. that is when my luck began. I was adopted by the most loving family and I can honestly say in all my years of being adopted I have never felt that I didn’t belong or wasn’t wanted.

NB. Last year 2019 I opened my adoption file and not only did I receive a photograph of my birth Mum (with me in her arms) I also got many answers to questions that I didn’t know I had. and with further searching, I am now in regular contact with my half brother and half sister and I couldn’t be more happy.

Back to the story. Jumping forward to my adult years in my late twenties and most of my thirties I suffered a lot of illness. I suffered 2 heart attacks, one of which was very serious, and whilst in hospital I got pneumonia and on top of that various operations on my shoulders, which left me upper body disabled. (ok let’s put the violin away).

Now I could have quite easily curled up on the sofa and watched day time TV and live off of state benefits. Or I could do something about it. Which is what I did.

This is my mantra.

I decided I wanted my happiness back, I had lost my Mojo and self belief. It was the 80s I started with Paul Mckenna Hypnosis Videos (remember them) I then went on to CDs (Think they are still about), then his books. Not only did they get me back on track, they actually took me beyond where I had been. All because they made me think differently about myself.

Don’t get me wrong, my life is not perfect. but I handle it very differently, I cope with my disabilities. I handle my personal situations in a more positive and confident way and hopefully the things that are wrong will right themselves. In the mean time I continue to be grateful for each and every day.

Where am I now? Well I’m now a qualified hypnotherapist with a practice in Suffolk. I’m still short, I have very little hair and yep I still have some personal problems, but you know what I’m happy. I’m alive and I don’t let the negativity get to me I flip those thoughts and with the help of the sound files that you can get on this website. I am grateful every day.

Let me help you to feel the same.

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