Does the Law of Attraction Exist?

The Law of Attraction DOES Exist

An obvious one maybe but I just thought I would point this one out before I take this post any further. It exists. Always has done and it always will do, for as long as the universe has existed and continues to still exist. It’s not magic or some new age concept, but a well established, scientific law of the universe. 

Not only does it exist, but you can use it for your own benefit to create the life that you truly want. Money, success, love, great relationships with others, a fantastic career, a family. Whatever it is that you desire. A brand new car, a new home, to travel to Australia, or to go skydiving. Whatever it is that you really and truly desire in your life is possible through the Law of Attraction. Read on… 

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a Law of the Universe

Just like gravity, the Law of Attraction is one of the laws of the universe. No one questions the validity of gravity, so why question the validity of the law of attraction? It works on the basis of vibration and like attracts like, so vibrations within our universe are automatically matched up with like vibrations. Positive vibrations are matched up with other positive vibrations and negative matched with negative.

How do I know it’s working?

The Law of Attraction Works Constantly

Non-stop all around us. All-day, every single day, every single moment. It works through us and every other being on the planet. Basically, it works through anything that emits vibrational energies. Humans, animals, trees, plants. The energies are flowing constantly within the universe matching up here and there and vibrationally sending back more of the same. 

Ready to find the missing piece.

Will it work for me?

The Law of Attraction Affects Each and Every One of You

Whether you are conscious of it or not. Whether you have any understanding of the law of attraction or not, you are affected. Imagine how many people there are out there in this world alone that know nothing of the law of attraction. They may have never heard of it, yet it is still working each and every day in their lives too.

Once you have an awareness of the law of attraction though, you then have a choice to make. You can either continue to let the law of attraction bring things into your life by default or you can take control, become aware of your emotions and use the law of attraction to your benefit. The choice is yours!

Does my mood affect it?

The Law of Attraction works with your dominant thoughts and feelings

And it the feelings that we have that emit the vibrations from us.

The stronger the feeling, the stronger and more powerful the vibration. Our minds are constantly on the go, and during normal busy life, thoughts are coming and going. Some, however, are more dominant than others.

Our feelings are our reactions to whatever our dominant thoughts are and the things we experience in our lives. The more positive our dominant thoughts and feelings the more positive the vibes you are sending out. And vice versa.

Old school teaching used to emphasise a lot on the words that we use, and the use of positive language and whilst this is still correct, it’s our feelings that are causing the vibes, not the words.

Words are just that. Words.

When someone asks ‘How are you?’ Our general response tends to be ‘I’m ok thanks. How are you?’ Underneath you could be feeling joyfully happy, or extremely low. You could be frightened of something or excited about something. But all too often we simply use the words ‘I’m ok’. So, as you see, words are important but the resulting feelings are what count.

Can it help me?

The Law of Attraction can be used to benefit your life immensely

Yes, that is the beauty of the law of attraction, and what has been hinted at for so many years. To learn how to create the life that you truly want, you need to learn to give out the right vibes on a consistent basis.

We all have dreams, plans and goals that we want to achieve or have in our lives in the future. Well through the law of attraction you can achieve all of this and more with the right attitude to life, trust and the willingness to practice.

What do I have to do?

The Law of Attraction consists of 3 main steps

  1. You ask the universe. Your life causes you to ask for things that you want, by making choices, recognising what you don’t want and therefore what we do want, making goals and having dreams. You can ask on a conscious level or subconsciously but you are continually asking to better your lives as you plan for your future.
  2. The universe responds. That is a given fact. The vibrations you emit whilst you are constantly asking are matched up. You then attract back like vibrations, in the form of manifestations into your life. Positive vibes will attract positive manifestations and vice versa.
  3. Step three is where a lot of people fall down. You need to allow the things you are wishing for in your life to come to you. You can wish as hard as you want, but if the feelings you hold are ‘doubt’, ‘lack’ or ‘need’, then they are just not going to come any closer to you. Imagine a donkey and carrot scenario.

It’s all too easy to let in the negative stuff. We can allow it in by taking the attitude of ‘nothing good ever happens’, or ‘it’s just the way life is’.

However, it seems that people struggle more with allowing the good stuff in.  If you are in a negative place you will be allowing the negative stuff, but when you are in a positive place as much as possible then it gets really good. Then you get to allow all the good stuff that you truly desire.  All it takes is consistent practice daily and…

What do I need to make it happen?

The Law of Attraction Requires Belief, Faith and Trust.

The law of attraction is not connected to religion, however having a degree of belief, faith and trust is essential. As said earlier, in step 3, it is all too easy to let in the negative things. We don’t doubt these are going to happen. In fact, humans are all too eager to expect the negative stuff to happen. So, they are sending the negative vibes with an expectancy for negative stuff to happen.

Turn the tables. It is as simple as that. Start expecting and believing that positive things can and WILL happen. You are just as deserving as everyone else at achieving and reaching for everything that you ever set your heart on. Just hold on to that expectancy. That belief, faith and trust.

I promise you that if you can do that, and hold the high enough vibes, you will really notice a massive difference in your life. You will also find that all the things that you have been asking for will start to manifest in your lives.

 How long will it take?

The Law of Attraction is not Instant. You have a Time Buffer.

Some people think that it is an instant thing and that if they catch themselves thinking negative thoughts then they are instantly going to get a big helping of negative stuff into their lives. However, it is not like this. Your thoughts need to be consistent, dominant and hold feelings. That is when it starts to work.

I hope that helps you. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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