Welcome to Minute ads Web page.

So what are minute ads. Well, they are a quick way of getting your message across in a fund and fast way.

At this very strange time. I know that small businesses are suffering and are caught in a dilemma. They want to let people know they are still in business but they can’t afford the advertising costs, and we all know that as soon as people stop seeing your social media presences they will soon forget you.

So what can you do? Well as a small business owner myself I know how important it is to keep my name out there, but like so many of you I don’t have the budget for Facebook or Google ads at the moment. So I came up with a solution. MINUTE ADS

I worked in IT for 26 years and I’m also an artist so I love to combine the two, and by doing this I have found various software that again I combine to make bespoke adverts for small businesses.

I offer a selection of ways to do this.

Minute Ads

Animates whiteboard ads (Glass board, Blackboard, coloured board also available) Click here for more samples.

Static Social Media Ads using your logo tag line and colours.

Video ads. A combination of mini videos embedded into a bespoke designed social media ad.

More samples of all styles HERE.