What is it? Update & Reboot is a series of sound files that can help change the way you think, and with repetition you will find that you feel better about yourself. For just one single price of just £49.00 you get a lifetime subscription to all of the sound files and videos which will be added to over the months ahead.

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It has been bought to my attention that you can’t download these files direct to an iphone. (iTunes issue) A quick fix for now is that you can still download from a windows laptop, PC or an Android phone, but if you want to download to your iphone please email me jadkin.bahyp@gmail.com telling which ones you would like and I will send you a direct download link. Many Thanks Jon

Hi welcome to my update and reboot page.

I am a hypnotherapist, but that is not what this page or this program is about. I want to help you reprogram your mind to feel better about yourself and to feel grateful for all that you have. I use a combination of NLP, LOA and my own positivity to help you.

If you were to subscribe, you will have a selection of sound files to help you think and feel better about yourself. These are not hypnosis sound files. these are relaxing, encouraging and motivational sound files that can help with different issues that may be occurring in your life.

Lack of self-belief, Financial worries, General health, Sleep issues, confidence, relationship problems, These are just some of the issues this will help you with.

It all starts with you.

You are in control. You may choose to listen to a couple of the sound files or many. Only you know the changes that you want to make. The great part about this program is that you can listen to the files anywhere, perhaps on the commute to work, or perhaps during your lunch break. there are no rules other than listening to them once or twice a day at least, repetitively until you start to feel or see the changes. It may take a week a month could be six months. you will know.

However from the moment you listen, you will start to notice change. You will start focusing on the things you DO want, and not the things that you DON’T want.

When did you last update yourself?

Imagine I had given you a brand new dream car. For free.

But there is a catch.

This car has to last you for the rest of your life.

“How would you treat it?”

I bet you would take care of it. you would maintain it, and feed it the best fuel, And they’d give it all the time and attention it needed so it delivered the best payback.

So think on this:

“You only get ONE brain and ONE body too. What’s the difference?”

Let that sink in.

You only have one brain, and one body.

You should treat these things well, and always feed them the best fuel. You should give these things everything needed to deliver the best payback.

Update & Reboot is all about feeding your brain the greatest fuel for optimum performance.

It’s about getting your thoughts “in order” so that you can reboot your mind and enjoy true financial abundance and feel so much better about yourself.

As I’ve said before… It all starts with you.


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