Hi Thank you for visiting my site. This site is the gateway to what I offer using the skills that I have learnt over the years, to help small businesses such as myself get their message across but without spending a fortune.

Hypnotherapist and IEMT practitioner

Primarily I am a hypnotherapist based in Suffolk but now working online around the world. Visit www.jonadkin.com for more details.

Minute ads

are a way of getting a message across social media quickly and in a fun way.

Minute Ads Page

What can Social Media do for you?

My e-book aimed at small businesses to help get around some of the algorithms and allow you to post without the need for costly ads.

Contact me for more details or a Paypal buy now link.

Update & Reboot Sound file library.

a series of sound files that can help change the way you think, and with repetition you will find that you feel better about yourself. For just one single price of just £49.00 you get a lifetime subscription to all of the sound files and videos which will be added to over the months ahead.

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During this pandemic it’s been hard for small businesses to survive. That’s why I have called upon some of my skills to offer fellow sufferers a way of keeping their businesses in the public eye but at an affordable price.

We have worked hard to build our businesses. We don’t want to be forgotten about.